Living in a Time with Covid and Craziness

Soooo it goes. We’re headed into September and have been at this since March (sort of). I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted. I’m tired of hearing about it and the soaring numbers. Tired of not having work. Tired of not being able to live my life like we are all used to. It’s been such a struggle dealing with unemployment and waiting to start my new job in September and then worrying if I’ll make it until I get my first full paycheck with commission basically in November. I’m tired of people not being able to live without being in fear. These masks and vaccines and hospitalizations are overwhelming. Do the masks even work? Are the stats really real? What are the actual truths behind the pandemic?

I know that I can’t be the only one that has these questions. It’s been a journey hasn’t it? My sister had her high school senior year ruined and graduated with 1/4 of her class because of this pandemic. My friends have lost a ton of money due to work not being as busy and hour being cut. When is it all going to end? When are we going to accept that it’s not a fact of if you’re going to get it but when you’re going to get it. The media can forecast whatever they want but the truth is that they are hiding what is really going on and is the truth being conveyed completely? No. It never is. We’re so wrapped up in the media and only seeing one side, part of the story. Everyone wants to de-fund the police, everyone wants to stay home and hide in their house. We’ve lost our currency and the value of the dollar continues to decrease. Billionaires continue to get put into the “Me too” movement and more kids continue to be sex-trafficked. When are we going to wake up that there are larger problems than Covid-19 that has existed for years??? That we are the problem.

We’re ruining our planet. We’re killing our children. We’re believing whatever we hear. We are polluting our minds. We are blaming others. We’re becoming lazy. We’re desperate for what’s next, quickly. We’ve lost sight on what’s important. Long term goals/ changes. We are so serial focused on what’s going on now, how do we return back to normal. There will never be normal again. Masks aren’t the solution and not having change isn’t the problem. We are. We follow these “guidelines,” we believe whatever. Do your research. Listen to your gut. Follow your instinct and above all else, never settle. When everything’s falling apart, it’s vital to remember that you can succumb to being more than average. I, like everyone else cannot wait for 2021. I’m not sure if it’ll be any better than this downfall of a year but I have hope that it will be.

Have you faced any problems with Covid? Have you lost your job? Have you had any large or small hardships?

Published by Anna B.

I am just your 26 year old Georgia girl who loves to inspire others through food, ingredients and recipes. I think in a world where opinions are so important, blogging is the best way to share what you love and what you learn. I am hopeful that I can help inspire, share and create for others and share some of my knowledge with anyone who wants it. Penny for my thoughts right?

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