My “Tasty” style video of my Buffalo Dip

This is the healthy(er) dip that has all my friends going crazy about! I finally updated my Blog to where I can upload videos and I’m PUMPEDDD! I wanted to share this with you when I did my post (forever ago) on it but unfortunately didn’t have the funds or desire honestly to do so. I sat in bed this morning and was like, ya know what, I need to invest in myself. If I won’t, who will? Plus, I have some awesome video content ideas and stuff that I want to share with everyone! Plus, I’m pretty funny (at least I think I am) and I want to share that with people so that you can see my personality shine through. 
I hope you enjoy this incredible, flavor packed dip as much as I do 🤞🏼. 
Send me your thoughts, opinions. Whatever! 

Published by Thrivingwithannab

I am just your 26 year old Georgia girl who loves to inspire others through food, fun and insight. I think in a world where opinions are so important, blogging is the best way to share what you love and what you learn. I am hopeful that I can help inspire others and share some of my knowledge with anyone who wants it.

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